There are two important reasons to license your dog in the Township of South Stormont.

1. Dog tags get stray animals home and reduce shelter stays.

2. Licence fees help fund important community initiatives.

Our Partnership with DocuPet

Dog licences are really important. Dogs with license tags are much more likely to be returned home by Animal Control Officers or good samaritans without ever seeing the inside of a shelter. When licensed dogs do make their way to a shelter, their tag helps get them home quickly. Fees from dog licensing also help support important initiatives that protect animals in our community.

We've partnered with DocuPet so that residents of South Stormont can take advantage of their free 24/7 Lost Pet Service and designer tag upgrades.

Your Registration Includes:

  • Designer Pet Tags with secure online profile
  • • The HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service
  • • Access to great pet safety and wellness products
  • • Thanks for supporting animal welfare
  • • Your Township of South Stormont dog licence

DocuPet's Mission

DocuPet's mission is to provide a safe and happy home for every pet. By offering our free HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service, designer tag upgrades, and an easy-to-use licensing system, our aim is to make pet licensing as valuable to you as it is to animal welfare in your community.

We also directly support local animal welfare initiatives by donating 20% of the net proceeds from designer tag purchases right back to the community.

Personalized Tags

Tags That Help All Pets

Our tags help lost pets get home safely. They also help fund local animal welfare initiatives.

Now you can choose from our selection of fun tag designs. We can also etch your dog's name and your phone number on any tag you choose.

Any tag you choose will serve as your official licence tag. Cool, huh?

HomeSafe Logo

Every DocuPet tag comes with a unique code tied to our free HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service. If your dog becomes lost you can send Lost Pet Alerts to local pet owners who will use your code and our 24/7 Hotline to reunite you.

Get a new dog licence

Safe&Happy Fund

Our mission is to help provide a safe and happy home for every pet. Our commitment to this mission extends beyond improvements to pet licence tags and registration programs. We also directly support local animal welfare charities by donating 20% of all product purchases including custom tags, and by collecting donations from pet owners.

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